Ideas for Africa: From Nile Cruises to Sunny Safaris

First, let me say that I’ve never  been to Africa, nor do I have any trips planned there yet, but a marketing company I work with asked me if I’d share some information to my readers about some of the summer options for interested travelers. From Nile river cruises to safaris to voyages to see the pyramids, the continent is definitely on my bucket list….the only question remains, how am I going to get there? 😉

Of course, if you do go this summer, don’t forget that Africa isn’t all safaris and rhinos–go with respect and open eyes, everything a bon touriste should be. After all, it’s a complex continent of nearly every walk of life in the world and its histories are deep and many.


So here’s some of what’s new in African tourism:

Many regard Africa as one of the most fascinating continents on earth, and for good reason. The diversity of terrain, cultures and people is like no other place on earth, and for many it is at the top of their ‘must visit’ list when it comes to holiday destinations.

So Much To See And Do

However, there is a problem and it is that the sheer choice that you have available to you can be overwhelming when deciding where exactly in Africa you should go. Should you head to the north and take part in one of the many Nile river cruises that are available, or drop down south to Durban and jump in a cage to experience the majestic Great White Shark in its natural habitat? Oh, and that doesn’t even begin to cover all of the things that happen in-between the two!


Safaris are a common draw for obvious reasons and the amount of life that can be seen in one of the great land’s national parks is truly breathtaking. Then there is Mount Kilimajaro and its three volcanic cones in Tanzania, or how about Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa? Maybe the Victoria Falls are more to your taste? If so, then a trip to the Zambian and Zimbabwean border to experience the might of the Zambezi River will be a trip that is high on your list.


More People Than Ever Are Heading To Africa

Back in 2014, record numbers visited Africa, and the trend is continuing to this day. Thousands of Americans head there to take in the wonder of the African wildlife on safari each year, but the diverse nature of the continent means that there is so much more to offer visitors as well.

Certainly, the safari tours will continue to pull in the crowds across the continent’s various national parks as the likes of elephants, lions, cheetahs and rhinos are just too good to miss. But, don’t forget that there are also the pyramids of Egypt and Robben Island–majestic testaments to architecture in their own right.


The US Dollar Is Strong Against The Rand

Couple the wide range of things to see and do with the fact that the dollar is currently very strong against the rand, and it is easy to see why South Africa, in particular, is becoming an increasingly attractive holiday destination for many Americans. At the time of writing, your money will go a whole lot further than it would have done just twelve short months ago. The same goes for the pound, the Euro, and lots of other currencies as well 🙂

Whatever your reasons for heading over to Africa, and wherever you decide to go, one thing remains certain – the fact that you will have an amazing time. The people are fantastic and the landscapes and natural wonders all speak for themselves.


So, why not try something new this summer and opt for something a little different? A trip to Africa can make you see life in a different light, and you’ll never be short of places to go and things to see when you visit the birthplace of all humanity.

Have you been to Africa? Where have you been? What do you recommend?

Yours in travel,


This post is sponsored, but my interest in seeing the African continent isn’t!